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What's Mall
Publishing date: 19.10.2009

Hi. This is an Italian site, called Mall: an Italian word, actually. It took centuries to switch from the Pallamaglio medieval game played in Tuscany (players struck with a heavy mallet a ball through a high arch), to Pall-Mall, and finally to the common Shopping Mall. But here in Italy people use to deal daily with centuries, so we have enthusiastically imported the new definition and concept without thinking so much.
This particular “mall” doesn’t sell anything. All you see is free, if you’re interested: articles mostly concerning city planning, environmental issues, social problems and so on.

Fabrizio Bottini: second from left
The name Mall comes from the former section I edited in the “mother site” Eddyburg, called “ Territorio del Commercio” (roughly: sprawling retail places). In this, now independent site, you won’t find just articles about big-box development, parking lots, the social alienation of the desperate housewife wandering through the aisles … but much more.

The site comprises five sections: City (sprawl, downtown, retail); Planning (planning documents, who’s the planner); Environment; Society; Anthology (unforgettable old articles and excerpts). All the texts are the ones I have translated for the Italian side, and so these international pages may seem the poor cousin counterpart. But some friends suggested they could be of some interest. And so why not?

My name is Fabrizio Bottini, I’m a jobless planner (at 50, there’s not much to do, I’m afraid), and here I am, feeding the site with whatever I like. Did you somehow like it, too?

e-mail fabrizio.bottini.mall@gmail.com


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